Texas 2019 (Week 3)

On Thursday, March 28th, we drove from Lubbock to Alvarado to spend a few days with our friends the Martins. We became friends right after we both got married. Our families have grown in the past almost 11 years. So good to spend time with our friends.

Sunday afternoon we drove to the Dallas area to visit with the Kroegers, one of Josh’s PhD advisors. We had a lovely time visiting with them.

Monday we drove to Mississippi to visit with the Parkersons. Tuesday morning Dr. Parkerson checked all our teeth – no cavities. Thankful for their generosity to our family.

Wednesday morning we drove to Atlanta and arrived at Josh’s grandma’s to celebrate Josh’s 38th birthday.

Thursday, April 4th, we drove to Greenville, SC. We had another birthday celebration with Josh’s family.

Saturday as we headed out for another church we stopped by to visit Josh’s grandpa.

Thankful for a good trip to Texas – it was good seeing so many friends. Thankful for time with family.

Texas 2019 (Week 2)

Train Ride

Our original plans were to head to Houston on Friday (March 22), but Karen convinced us to stay an extra day and have fun in Fort Worth. We had a great day at the Fort Worth Zoo with Karen and three of her grandchildren. Not only did Karen treat us to the zoo – but she also bought tickets to ride the carousel and the train AND bought ice cream. The kids were thrilled. (Thanks, Karen, for suggesting we do that, it was great!)

Saturday we drove to Houston and had dinner with our friends Michael & Katie and their son. So good to catch up with them.

Saturday and Sunday nights we stayed with the Kinghorns. The kids loved learning about honey bees!

We enjoyed our Sunday with North Houston Baptist Church and an afternoon and evening with the Brays

Monday (25th) we traveled back to the DFW area and visited with our friends the Woods. The Rylands came over for dinner as well.

Tuesday we drove to Lubbock to visit our friends the Siu. Lap helped Josh with his dissertation research on Vietnamese Jarai. On Wednesday we visited Texas Tech University Museum. We also visited the National Ranching Heritage Center. The kids loved seeing all the houses from to the old west.

Thursday we drove back to the DFW area.

Texas 2019 (pt.) 1

On Friday, March 15, we crossed into one of our favorite states and the birthplace of Becca & Isaiah – Texas.

I realized I made a scheduling blunder when the day before I contacted the friends we were planning to stay with and found out I had told them we were coming a week later. Thankfully, our hosts were very gracious and still able to keep us for the night. We had a good time visiting with Steve & Kelly.

We left Saturday late morning to spend the afternoon with our friends the Bennetts. The kids enjoyed harvesting, preparing, cooking, and serving onion grass.

From there we went to Arlington to spend Saturday and Sunday nights with the Gamblins. We enjoyed visiting APC on Sunday and seeing many of the friends we had when we attended there.

Monday (the 18th) we had lunch with our friend Leon.

Monday late afternoon we got to Gary’s & Karen’s home, our home for the next five nights. Our kids got their first taste of March Madness.

Tuesday we had lunch with the Olsons.

After lunch we headed to UTA to visit our old stomping grounds. Lots has changed since we were newlyweds – we’ve gone from 2 to 7! Lots of memories. Becca was happy to visit a favorite tree.

Tuesday evening we got to see the Countrymans.

Wednesday we made a visit to my OBGyn. She was delighted to see Becca, Isaiah, and all of us.

We then went to visit the NICU. The nurse at the desk recognized us immediately. They were delighted to see Becca and us all.

Wednesday evening we got to visit with the Johnson’s.

Thursday lunch we met with one of Becca’s NICU nurses.

Thursday late afternoon (March 21) we met with our program coordinator at The Seed Company and enjoyed eating/playing at a park.

And that sums up our first week in Texas! (Tired yet? 😂)

Georgia – March 2019

On March 7th, after a three night stop in SC, we headed to Georgia. Our first stop was lunch at the Floyds (Josh’s oldest sister’s family).

Then we drove on to Warner Robbins to spend four nights with our friends the Gottwals and visit Central Fellowship Baptist Church, one of our supporting churches. We’re all enjoyed our fellowship together.

Monday morning we headed to Marrietta to spend two nights with Josh’s Grandma.

That Tuesday, Josh and three three older kids went to Gainesville to have lunch with Great Uncle Ellis.

On Wednesday, the 13th, we drove to stay with Josh’s uncle & aunt. We had supper at a cousins’ home. Four out of five of his cousins in that family were there.

Thursday, the 14th, we started our two-day drive to Texas. Life is an adventure! Thankful for friends, family, and God’s protection.

Indiana, Ohio, & Kentucky!

Cincinnati, OH!

We left Buffalo on Sunday, February 24, and drove to South Bend, IN to visit some friends for 4 days. They put us up in a lovely B&B. Between our two families there were 10 kids. We enjoyed our time together.

On Thursday, February 28, we drove to Indianapolis IN and had lunch with Dory’s family. Dory and I were friends at BJU. Two years ago Dory was diagnosed with a rare form of cancer. As a family, we’ve been praying for Dory multiple times a day. It was very special to spend time with Dory’s family and for our kids to meet. (9 kids between the two of us!) Anna especially wanted to meet Dory, as Anna has very faithfully prayed for Dory.

After lunch we drove to Dayton Ohio to spend one night with my sister. It was great to see Aunt Emily and Uncle Daniel.

On Friday, March 1, we drove to Cincinnati Ohio to visit our friends the Lyons (9 kids between us both). We arrived right in time for home school roller skating. Our four older kids were excited about trying and we were so impressed with all of them. The next day we went to Jeremiah’s basketball game. We had a great time being with our friends.

Saturday, March 2nd, we drove to Lexington KY to visit our friends there for two days. We had a great time with all of them! There first night we were with then we made smores outside. Sunday we had snowfall.

From Syracuse to Buffalo!

Great Grandma B

Last Thursday we left Dover, PA to start our adventure visiting friends and family in America. Our first overnight stop was Syracuse, NY to be with my Grandma. We had a lovely visit. The kids enjoyed sleeping by the fireplace. Friday, we had an incredible morning sledding. It was a great hill that was icy! The kids and I had a blast!

Friday after lunch, we drove to Buffalo, NY to visit our friends the Simpsons. Our kids had a blast playing with the girls and we enjoyed our two days of fellowship with them.

Rubik’s Cube training sessions from Steve.

Happy 6 Months Ezra!

First swing ride!

For Ezra’s 6-month birthday we took him to America. 😂 He did ok on the plane ride – but he really just wanted his own bed.

Ezra met Grampy & Grammy Grace for the first time. He’s seen snow. He loved his first swing ride!

Ezra spent his first 6 months in Asia and he’ll spend his next 6 months in America. Exciting times!

Goodbye Saom Kaning – see you in August! 2019

Picture with some of the children’s leaders

This past Sunday was our last Sunday at our church in Saom Kaning until we return mid-August. We leave for our 6-month furlough this coming Monday night (actually the plane takes off at 12:20am Tuesday morning).

Sunday evening the leaders of the church had a goodbye meal for us with all the people who serve in the church. We were greatly encouraged by their show of love for our family. People who have never said a word to me were all teary eyed at our departure. For them 6-months is a long time. It’s long for us too, but we’ll be so busy it will fly by for us.

In some ways I feel like leaving our home here is harder than when we left the States to come live in Cambodia. We have grown to love these people. They are our friends. Our children have friends. This is our home. I’m so thankful we get to come back.

One of the sweetest things as we drove away that night was our kids’ love for our church. Isaiah put it like this, “If we could take our church to America, it would be the best.”

Thanks be to God that He has bound our hearts together with our Jarai brothers and sisters. How we will miss them. We have truly seen Jesus’ words, “

Ezra’s Birth Story

I drew him out of the water.

In two weeks Ezra will be 6 months old, so I guess it’s about time for me to record his birth story. Each of our children has a unique birth story (premature emergency c-section, scheduled c-section, scheduled c-section turned into a surprise VBAC, and bathroom delivery) – Ezra decided to join the ranks – forced admittance to the hospital and Water Birth!

I should start by admitting that this was not an easy pregnancy for me. Ok – starting out with a car accident, memory loss, and a concussion was not a great way to wade through first trimester. My concussion recovery, which took about 8 weeks, plus afternoon/evening sickness, plus taking care of our house (I didn’t have any house help until I was about 7 months pregnant), and being mommy and teacher to our four kids was exhausting. And then there was the varicose vein leg pain – for a while I couldn’t stand for very long to prepare food or do other tasks. I started doing most of my food prep sitting on the floor. And then there were the Braxton Hicks, which start for me before 20 weeks, occurring mostly during the night.

When we arrived in Thailand, I was exhausted and hadn’t even really had time to think about actually giving birth! We spent about two weeks in Thailand before Ezra was born. And they were two uncomfortable weeks for me, especially at nights. (I was probably actually contacting during several of those nights….but who knows.)

Since I had only had ultrasounds and some basic blood work done before arriving in Bangkok, I was concerned that my doctor was going to make me go through a bunch of testing like she made me do when I met her for my first appointment before Clara was born. I was very thankful she didn’t make me do any extra testing, especially the glucose tolerance test (I always fail the 1-hour test and then have to take the 3-hour fasting test). She did have me take the StrepB test and thankfully it came back negative. My doctor’s main concern was that I was going to have a repeat Clara birth experience and end up unable to make it to the hospital. She even talked about admitting me to the hospital if I got too close to my due date (August 18th). My doctor did tell me that if I did come to the hospital soon enough I could try to have a water birth, if they had time to fill the birthing pool (but she said she doubted they would have time, since she expected me to go quickly.) I think she was trying to convince me to come to the hospital early!

On Monday, August 13th, I went in for my normal weekly appointment. I took Anna with me for the outing, since I was letting different kids accompany me on the doctors’ trips. When I complained about having discomfort at night, my doctor asked to check me. I was dilated to a 4 – which for me seemed like no big deal. I wasn’t in labor. But my doctor made a huge deal about it and said she couldn’t let me leave the hospital and would admit me, break my water, and then she promised me I would give birth that day.

This is not what I wanted to hear. I had my 4-year-old daughter with me. Our friend who was going to stay with the kids was coming the next day. I asked if I could take my daughter home and come back tomorrow. My doctor would not hear of it – and I’m not very good at insisting on my own way with doctors. So I found myself in a wheelchair (they wouldn’t even let me walk) with Anna riding on my lap. I felt ridiculous! I was trying to text Josh to let him know what was happening. All these people were staring at me and I wasn’t even having contractions. We were ushered into a very nice birth-room designed for natural child birth. And there I was left to wait. So there I was – with Anna – just sitting around – not in labor – being admitted to the hospital. Thankfully, Josh was able to get in touch with a very nice couple, Steve and Martha Wilson, whom we met at the guesthouse and had recently asked to be our “back-up plan” in case I went into labor before our friend arrived. Then Josh waited with the kids until the Wilsons came. At that point he came to the hospital and took Anna home and then came back (all this had to be done by taxi).

Meanwhile a nurse came in and told me that my doctor had said I wanted my water broken. I smiled at her and said, “Do I have any choice?” She just sympathetically smiled in return. Thankfully they agreed to wait until Josh was back.

They started filling the birthing pool as soon as I got there (probably around 11:30am). Every few hours they had to empty some of the water and refill it to keep it at the right temperature. It was kinda funny.

I was very concerned about having my water broken. Lots of resources on having a VBAC will tell you that the key to having a VBAC is staying out of the hospital as long as possible. Once they break your water, you are typically only allowed 24 hours until the baby must come out.  If my doctor broke my water and nothing happened, the chance of having a C-section would highly increase. I was quite stressed about this. I was hoping that I would make good progress before my doctor came to break my water, and thankfully she was very busy all afternoon with her other patients down at the office.

Around 5:30 my doctor came and checked me again – I was at a 7 and they were amazed that I wasn’t having much discomfort. I didn’t think it was anything to be concerned about. Around 6, she went to break my water – she couldn’t find it. She told me to go play with all the birthing toys. I felt so dumb – there I was playing on the toys but not feeling like I was in labor. She came back about 20 minutes later to try again and this time she found it.

My doctor was expecting things to move fast and just sat outside my room at the desk – ready and waiting. I’m not sure about the timing, but soon I started feeling stronger contractions. And very soon after that I knew it was time. Josh went to call for help and people came fast. I got in the birthing-pool and a few minutes later with just a few pushes out came Ezra into the water. We lifted him up out of the water and I saw he was a boy – surprise! He had his cord wrapped around his neck and I helped get that off. He was still covered in vernix – that waxy white substance coating the skin of newborn babies – I ended up having it all over my arms. I was so relieved and thankful for another VBAC and found it amusing that it was another unique birth experience (forced admittance to the hospital and water birth).

Time for another confession – I was not a quiet, controlled mother during labor. I had read that it was better to moan and groan during labor, versus tightening your muscles; and let me tell you, I felt quite free in expressing my discomfort. I think my favorite phrases were, “This Hurts!” and “I don’t think I want to do this!” Once those contractions hit – they are strong! I only spoke strongly once. My doctor kept wanting me to sit down on the bench in the tub – but I couldn’t. And that’s what I told her, “I CAN’T!” One thing that made it laugh during labor was the song that came up on my playlist. I had created a Labor/Delivery playlist with some of my favorite songs to help me remain calm. Somehow the Michael W. Smith’s Christmas albums got tagged on the end. So as I was in the last stage of labor, I heard Michael singing Christ the Messiah, God is with us, Emmanuel. How appropriate, I thought – I birth song.

My doctor pretty much let me labor and push at my own speed. Once Ezra’s head was out she asked me to push one more time. Besides that she let me be in charge and I let my body be in charge. (For those of you who are wondering, I was the only one in the birthing pool – everyone else was standing outside.)

And there he was – I drew him out of the water. Our second son. Ezra Emmett Jensen.

And one last confession – my doctor was right…I probably wouldn’t have made it to the hospital. I would have waited too long until I felt like something was actually happening and then it would have been too late. So I thanked her for making a good decision for me (though bathroom babies are really exciting!).

Josh was a great support during the entire birth. I was so relieved once he got the kids settled and got to the hospital. He brought Subway sandwiches, since I had missed lunch. I was so hungry. We were so thankful are kids were very happy with Steve and Martha Wilson and so thankful for their help to our family. Josh did his best to help pass the waiting time away – as I was stressed and didn’t feel like doing much at all. Josh was able to rub my back during the water birth and be a wonderful support during the intense labor. So thankful for him!

AAR Level 2 – Isaiah

So thrilled with Isaiah’s reading progress! He finished All About Reading Level 2 this month. We always have a party to celebrate whenever our kids finish a level of reading. Isaiah chose to play games. Then we had brownies with Hershey’s chocolate syrup on top. Isaiah was given his first ESV Bible. It’s so fun to hear him reading it at night!

Happy 5-Months, Ezra!

This Sunday our happy little boy turned 5 months old! He continues to be a sweet and easy boy – and very, very happy! He loves smiling and laughing. He loves playing on his tummy and has started grabbing things. He doesn’t stay still long and turns himself around on his tummy and inches forward every once and awhile. He is irresistible!

Ezra is very interested in what others are doing or eating. He likes to play and be around all his siblings. Clara is teaching him to to wrestle.

So glad this precious little boy is ours!

And now for the 5-month comparison pictures. Note that I used Becca’s 7 month picture to adjust for her preemie size.

Christmas in Jarai Land 2018

Christmas is a very special time for the Jarai Christians in Cambodia. Since Christmas is not an official holiday, it’s not celebrated in homes. The only place Christians celebrate is in the church. Many churches schedule their celebrations on different days so people (especially the youth) can attend each others’ Christmas events.

Our church began their celebration Friday night, December 21. They set up everything outside, since they knew the building wouldn’t hold everyone. There was a meal, sermon, and lots of singing. The next Saturday morning, December 22, our church met together for their morning Christmas celebration. The children’s group sang three songs I wrote for them – two of them were verses from Scripture that Josh translated with his team.

We helped the youth do a simple play. Two readers read Matthew chapters 1 & 2 while the actors preformed the story. The Jarai Bible Translation team had just finished translating those chapters in Matthew, so it was neat to see them put into immediate use.

Josh preached a sermon in Jarai from Matthew 2. Afterwards we had a meal together.

I made a pinata for the children, which they did after lunch was over. It was really fun to watch people participate (adults too). Josh and I laughed so hard our faces hurt.

A big thank you to the Pawleys who took many of these pictures, while I was up front helping.

Christmas 2018

Our family celebrated Christmas on December 24th and 25th. On Christmas Eve Josh took each kid out to buy Christmas presents at our local market. (Becca bought hers the week before when we were in Ban Lung.) Most of my Christmas Eve was spent baking and prepping food for the evening and the next day. Around 3PM we went out and delivered fruit and brownies to our neighbors and the families whose kids attend our Bible club. Afterwards we had our annual Christmas Eve dinner of Tacos, followed by drinking hot chocolate while we watched The Muppets Christmas Carol.

Christmas Day we had breakfast and then the kids did a Christmas play for us, directed by Becca. Afterwards the kids gave out their gifts. One of the highlights of Christmas for the kids is their buying/giving gifts. They are so excited!

Late morning, Om Puimeng came to visit with us. We had invited her for lunch. Before lunch we ate cinnamon rolls and sang Christmas carols and after lunch we played a game together.

Christmas dinner we had a buffalo roast with mashed potatoes and carrots. Afterwards the kids decorated their giant gingerbread person.

Becca performed her annual Little People Christmas Play. She quotes straight from Luke 2 and Matthew 3.

We finished out the evening with gifts from us to the kids. And of course, singing carols and lighting the Advent candles. Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas 2018

We had a lovely day celebrating Christmas. Hopefully in the next few weeks I’ll post about all our Christmas happenings. It’s a very full time of year for all the Jarai churches. and by the end of the season we’ll have attended over eight different village church events.

One special Christmas tradition we have is singing carols every evening after supper. Each night a different child gets to light and blow out the candles. Typically everyone gets to choose a carol to sing. It’s one of our favorite parts of the season.

Sleeping by the Tree & Bible Club Christmas Party

This week Josh was gone Monday-Thursday to Phnom Penh, so we had to find some extra things to do! Monday night the kids had a big sleep-over next to the Christmas tree. (The tricky part is putting up mosquito nets.) Ezra and I slept in our own beds, but I did stay up and participate in all the party activities!

Last Sunday we had our Bible Club Christmas party. We started off with cookie decorating. Then we did singing and the Christmas story. We finished the event with three different water games. Everyone was very muddy by the time we were done! (Pictures taken by Jeff Davis.)

Happy 4 Months Ezra!

Today we celebrate Ezra’s 4 month birthday. Right after Ezra’s 3 month birthday, he started sleeping through the night. This has been a sweet gift to me, since the extra sleep is a great help for my daylight hours. Part of Ezra’s sleeping is due to his love for sucking his fingers…or hands. He just loves sucking on his fingers and it’s so cute so watch. He sometimes gags himself as he tries to get as many fingers as possible in his mouth. (After I wrote this post, Ezra decided to stop sleeping through the night. He’s been up at 2am every night this week.)

Ezra has started laughing and I could just listen to it all day.  He usually ends by spitting up, very much like Isaiah did when he was a baby. It’s always amusing to see what he finds funny. The other day he kept laughing when I was practicing speaking Jarai to him. When I called Josh in to try, Ezra stopped laughing and listen very intently. I guess that tells you something about my ability to speak Jarai!

Last Friday we decorated for Christmas. We all had a fun time and the kids were so excited to put everything put. Clara got the honor of putting the star on the tree.

We took the kid’s picture in front of the tree. Josh told everyone to “make a Clara face!” I’m sure you can figure out which picture that is. Clara is the master of making grumpy faces during picture taking.

Excited about Christmas!

Becca’s 9th Birthday Party (2018)

Becca made a huge clown pinata. We were planning just to have a round balloon shaped pinata, but somehow it evolved into a clown and we were both very pleased with it. Becca requested a horse brownie cake.


We played pin the tail-on-the-horse, did the pinata, sang our Khmer Bible verse songs, and had cake. Our friends brought stuff to face paint and were kept busy the entire party painting kids’ faces or arms. We’re so thankful that the Hodgsons could come. They were a big help with the party and with Clara (Ezra slept through the entire party).

The pictures to the right and left are of our friends from our church.

The best part of the day was Becca’s delight at the end of the day. She was so happy with how everything turned out and that was the best present for me!